Amoia Photography has two photographers, both a specialist in our field of expertise with our team. We make up a unique blend of two artistic visions and combine our creative flair for breathtaking moments captured for a lifetime.

Our work is depict in a dreamy artistic way that capture the ambience and light in a unique way. It is artistic, different, funky, passionate and awesome all rolled into one. Amoia Photography loves to capture your personality and your wedding, your style, your way! We adore natural pictures that takes your breath away! You get the photos in their natural colour as well as in three to four different looks like vintage, old wordly charm, funky and sepia or a look that capture your feel of that day. Amoia Photography has a passion for what we do and simply just adore taking pictures. Our artistic flair and talents are by the grace of God.

Anlé Pelster was a creative director and co-director of an AWARD WINNING (3M South Africa) graphic design studio company for 10 years before embarking on a career as a wedding and commercial photographer for more than 10 years now. She studied at the University of Tshwane from 1985-1987 and later Photography at the Open Window Academy in 2002. Wedding photography was always a passion in her life, and from 2009 she attend regular photography workshops specialising commercial and wedding photography.
Alizé Benadie is a highly creative young and zesty photographer that did photography workshops specialising in wedding photography with specialists in their field as well as training directly from Amoia. She won a photography competition with one of her photo’s taken at a wedding. She freelanced from 2009 for Amoia Photography and is now a co-partner in Amoia Photography.

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