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Let's start off by humbly saying we are proud to have 9 Brides of the Year finalists! 


Amoia Photography works throughout South Africa but mostly in Gauteng area.  We make up a unique blend of artistic visions and combine our creative flair for breathtaking moments captured for a lifetime. We are breaking ground for new fresh ideas, while having fun at the same time and yes we work our butts off (wonder why they don't get smaller smiley face)

Our work is depict in a dreamy artistic way that capture the ambiance and light in a unique way. It is artistic, different, passionate and awesome all rolled into one. We love to capture your personality and your wedding, your style, your way! We adore natural pictures that takes your breath away! Amoia Photography has a passion for what we do and simply just adore taking pictures. 

Anlé Pelster Born in the hub of Afrikaans -Paarl (nou sonder die aksent hoor) I was a co-director of an AWARD WINNING (3M South Africa) graphic design studio company for 10 years before embarking on a career as a photographer. I am also the graphic designer that design unique albums for my clients. I studied at the University of Tshwane from 1985-1987 and later Photography at the Open Window Academy in 2002. I also train new photographers starting off. I currently moved to Hartbeespoortdam to enjoy nature at it's fullest. 


I love renovating, some odd Warrior Extreme races, hiking, very bad golfing and a little bit of jogging. Because of my late father, I have a passion for vintage cars (yes I had a 1969 Vauxchaul Velox V8 vintage car with wings) 

Ok and sporty cars, specially with no roof with wind blowing through my hair.  I love my husband JoHan, my kids and my hairless dog and scruffy Jack Russel (sorry can't help it they are so sweet) I do ministry outreaches in my spare time and love to help people where I can. 

Alizé Benadie I am driven, focused and have a zest for photography and meeting new people. Health and diet is a priority for me, love my Nutribullet and exotic new foods. My love for colour and the magic of falling in love allows me to capture the pure magic and freeze emotions of your picturesque day. I am a young artist with a distinctive personality and yes I do paint in my free time. I love to travel and capture the mesmerizing scenes Africa has to offer. I had a dream, Cape Town here I come, packed and moved with my hubby! Now I am near the beaches with magnificant views. I recently started to study part time. 




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